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Help Patients Lower Their Cholesterol

Posted by Jeanie Sturgeon on Mar 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Cholesterol is a fatty substance (lipid) that is naturally produced in your body.  It circulates through your body in your blood. You need some cholesterol for normal body function; however if there is more cholesterol in your body that it can use or get rid of, the excess cholesterol builds up inside your arteries in the form of fatty deposits called plaque.

 Patients can lower their cholesterol by doing the following:

  • eat less saturated fat
  • eat more high fiber food
  • watch your alcohol intake
  • kick the tobacco habit
  • exercise regularly
  • avoid sugary foods and drinks 

LDL cholesterol is important for everyone, men and women of every age, with or without heart disease to have a low LDL cholesterol level. Speak to your health providers for more information on your individual cholesterol levels.

208 cholesterol_eng_0615_Page_1This is a sample of a hand out that you should provide to your patients when they are in the office or class. When creating or researching materials always make sure the information is up to date, utilizes graphics, and is easily understandable. 

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